Video: Hunt & Gather 2014

For this year’s Hunt & Gather we’ve created a quick introduction video to set the mood of the island hunt. Watch it below.

In case you are not familiar with the event Hunt and Gather is a one-day outdoor event that focuses on site-specific performances by participants. Hunt and Gather produce a scenario based on timeless themes and guide participants to create a new perspective through interpretation. Provided with the natural and challenging outdoor beauty of Ward’s Island, participants use the elements as a backdrop for performances. Hunt & Gather’s 2014 is the story of Life In Plastic (LIP) – one of the greatest chronicles of corporate might, ingenuity and power in the annals of Capitalism.

Hunt & Gather: A Life In Plastic from NOW Magazine on Vimeo.


Music: Tim Hecker – Radiance from his mind blowingly good album “Virgins” (Paper Bag Records/Kranky)

Directed by Rafi Ghanagounian

Shot & edited by Graeme Phillips


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