Chason Yeboah Doll #2


Chason Yeboah, (CraftyChas) is a Toronto born artist, with a passion for crochet and other textile arts. She has been crocheting for almost 6 years, but didn’t discover a passion for doll-making until three years ago when she created her first anatomically correct stuffed figure.  Now she creates nude crocheted dolls for the people of Toronto who are the everyday inspiration for her work.

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As a crochet artist Chason began to feel constricted by the barriers that crochet stereotypes can sometimes form, and so in combining crochet with the honesty that is the human form, Chason has found herself veering away from the conventions of tea cozies and doilies, to a passion that lies in doll-making. These dolls were created because of a familiar frustration at the lack of correct representation of people of colour within western society. As her work progressed, it became obvious to her that along with people of colour, there is a large scope of folks who are not being properly represented. Chason’s intentions finally became clear: reach as many people as she can through her art, speak through her craft to say “I understand and want to help”, and to create these dolls to act as totems to anyone who needs them.

The custom orders that Chason receive affirm these intentions; they enable her to get to know the people of Toronto through their stories, and with each story sparks new inspiration, allowing for every original piece to weave a story of it’s own. This collection includes Trans folks/dual-genitalia, amputees, people with very dark skin, mastectomy survivors, vitiligo, hair loss, large people, underweight people, scars, a large range of skin tones, and they are all nude! This work is her rebuttal against mainstream dolls, while attempting to meet the realistic portrayals of various bodily forms. They are made in the hopes that a wide range of people can finally feel represented, to act as a healing tool, and made to remove the shame from nudity.

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Dimensions 12.7 x 12.7 x 20.32 in

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