Teas Me: Tea Ceremony

Teas Me: Tea Ceremony

Where: Café Pamenar (307 Augusta Ave, Toronto)
When: Saturday May 11, 2013

Teas Me! is a series of events that will celebrate the art and culture of Teas from around the world

In honour of spring (SAKURA) Japanese artists and tea master Tomori Nagamoto has been invited to perform a traditional Japanese tea ceremony as part of Café Pamenar Teas Me! series.

This event is open to the public for free, however to get the full one on one experience including Japanese tea and snacks you must purchase a ticket at the café.

Details: All events to take place Saturday May 11th at Café Pamenar.

Tags: Café Pamenar, collaboration, Curator, SAKURA, tea ceremony, Toronto

Balcony Art Series: Michael Comeau

About the artist: Michael Comeau

Duration of exhibition: May 2-26, 2013

Graduated in photography, master screenprinter, multi talented musician, and former gallery owner (Penny Arcade Low Art Print Shoppe and Gallery) Michael Comeau has done a lot for and to the city of Toronto. Comeau has become known for his mastery in photocopy machine manipulations collaged with screen printed drawings and sometimes framed for exhibition or wall papered around the city His comic book style fantasy and dark imagery of characters drew the attention of artists and Vazaleen Party creator Will Munro to create a unique series of party posters, which have become very sought after. Formerly a screen printer Michael Comeau was responsible for many poster campaigns on the mean streets of Toronto from Jamaican parties, Kung Fu Fridays to iconic queer event Vazaleen. Comeau’s wallpaper murals and window displays are acquiring more and more ‘ups’. Recipient of the 2011 Doug Wright award for experimental comics for his book Hellberta. He is currently working on a new album and a new book.


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