Hunt & Gather 2012: Coney Island

Hunt & Gather 2012: Coney Island

Rabbit hunt and singing Mermaids!!
Sunday February 26, 2012

Hunt and Gather is an invitation to you the urban adventurer. Escape the city and embrace winter with some friends and the opportunity to make new ones. There will be food and games to keep us all warm and happy. We will catch the evening ferry back to the mainland as the sun sets.

Curator Rafi Ghanaghounian would like to invite you to the fourth season of Hunt and Gather!

About Coney Island:
In the early 1600 the Dutch settled on an island, which later to become NYC.  The area they settled in was infested by rabbits. They named it “Konyne Eylandt ” meaning “Rabbits’ breeding place”. Coney Island had many and diverse rabbits, and rabbit hunting prospered until resort development eliminated their habitat. Later on when the British dominated the area, they use the old English word “Coney” replacing the Dutch “Konyne”. In honour of the history of Coney Island we have prepared a wonderful day of activity and food!

The menu:
La Palette has prepare Rabbit as its base for the menu this year!  Rabbit stew as well as whole rabbits on the fire and carrot cake for desert ☺As well as a vegetarian stew, mulled wine and of course are most fave…shots of Zubrowka!!

The events:
Rabbit hunt and the Mermaid Choir (
You wont be hunting for real rabbits ☺ but your team will have a difficult time locating and catching two very agile wascally wabbit’s. Once you have captured your critter, the team who brings it to camp first wins a handsome trophy! And bragging rights

Mermaid Choir: (the Cowgirl Choir)
In 1983, the Mermaid Parade started its tradition that pays homage to Coney Island’s forgotten Mardi Gras which was from 1903 to 1954. The festival attracts a wide array of characters from around the USA resulting in an absolutely fun family-oriented party

We will be hearing the amazing voices of the Cowgirl Choir who will sing songs that will sooth our savage souls as we dance around the fire!
The Cowgirl Choir is a group of ladies who sing together. They like to sing country songs mostly – old-timey country, Americana, Canadiana and sometimes countrified pop songs

About Toronto Wards islands:
Prior to European colonization, the Toronto area was home to various native tribes, including the Ojibwa who were the last people to occupy the area. The peninsula and surrounding sand-bars that now form the Toronto Islands were first surveyed in 1792 by Lieutenant Joseph Bouchette of the Royal Navy. D. W. Smith’s Gazetteer recorded in 1813 that “the long beach or peninsula, which affords a most delightful ride, is considered so healthy by the Indians that they resort to it whenever indisposed”. Many Indian encampments were located between the peninsula’s base and the Don River. The peninsula was actually a series of many sand spits and ponds.


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