Art Now 2013

Art Now 2013

Guest Curator | Art Now is a part of the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

Art Now is a three-day alternative art program that runs concurrently with the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (TOAE). It compliments and expands the range of work presented at TOAE to include performance, video, installation and other media that represent the diversity and vibrancy of Toronto’s art community but that have traditionally fallen outside the commercial parameters of TOAE.

Art Now animates TOAE through a series of spaces and events throughout Nathan Phillips Square, bringing over 100,000 visitors in contact with artists who create time-based and site-specific work. Art Now provokes discussion about the nature and purpose of art fairs and who participates, questioning issues of commercial and non-commercial art practices.

Rafi introducing Liz Pead 

Cover image: by Sandra Chow for BlogTO


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