Q: What is the Kensington Market Art Fair?

A: The Kensington Market Art Fair (KMAF) is a curated outdoor art fair in Toronto’s historical neighbourhoods, focusing on original two and three-dimensional art. KMAF features professional and student work. KMAF is a platform for all artists to share and express freely and provides the public with a large selection of mediums.

In partnership with the Kensington Market BIA and Pedestrian Sundays (PSK), KMAF will ensure that the artists have a diverse audience numbering in the thousands.

Artists will have the opportunity to be part of the long list of artists who have made Kensington Market the hub of creativity both locally and internationally!

Q: Who organizes the KMAF?

A: KMAF is organized and run by Keep 6 Contemporary Art, an organization that represents and promotes the arts and culture community through exhibitions, events, and consultations. Keep Six works closely with artists and art organizations across North America. For more information regarding other projects and services Keep 6 offers please visit keep6.ca.

If you have any questions about the KMAF please contact info@keep6.ca.


Q: What are the deadlines for submitting all my info?

A: Applications for KMAF 2018 must be received by April 6th, 5pm. Additional dates will be included in Artist Acceptance letters.

Q: How do I choose my dates, and how many event dates do I have to commit to?

A: Once accepted, artists must commit to a minimum of two KMAF event dates. These dates do not need to be consecutive. Information for requesting dates will be provided upon acceptance.

Q: If I have missed the deadline for submissions can I still apply?

A: Because we have six dates that happen from May through October there may be some artists that withdraw, leaving some spaces open. Interested artists are welcome to inquire about any upcoming space availability by emailing info@keep6.ca.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Payment information for participating artists will be included in the acceptance letter.

Q: If I decide to withdraw will I receive a refund?

A: If an artist decides to withdraw at any point in the 6 weeks before their exhibit date they will receive a full refund minus a $50 administrative fee.

If an artist decides to withdraw at any point in-between 6 and 4 weeks before their exhibit date they will receive a 50% refund minus an additional $50 administrative fee.

If an artist decides to withdraw at any point in the 30 days before their exhibit date there will be no refunds issued.

There will be no exceptions made to any of these terms.

Alternatively, in the event that an artist cannot be present they can appoint someone to be there on their behalf.

Q: Would I be able to receive a refund in case of emergency?

A: While we have a strict refund policy stated above, we understand that unfortunate unforeseen circumstances can prevent an artist from participating. We will consider requests for refunds due to emergency on a case-by-case basis. Refunds are not guaranteed and are subject to terms and conditions by the KMAF organizers. In the event of any refunds made, there will be a $50 administrative fee applied.

Q: What are the registration fees?

A: The cost per KMAF exhibit is $175 (+ HST)

Q: Are there any additional fees?

A: There is a $25 reservation fee if you wish to reserve a spot you prefer to be at. There is no fee if you wish to be placed by KMAF. Please request a map layout of the art fair.

Q: Does KMAF take commission on sales?

A: KMAF does not take any commissions on artist’s sales; once artists pay their registration fee all profits from sales made at the KMAF are theirs to keep.

Q: Can I apply with my studio name? 

A: All artists must apply using their first and last name; they may however, include a studio or business name they would like to be used in the KMAF exhibit catalogue, website and social media promotions.

Q: If I create art in many mediums, can I apply to display more than one medium category?

A: Artists are limited to one medium and are expected to display original pieces of their work in the medium of art submitted in their application. Commercial reproductions including postcards, cards, calendars, posters, and t-shirts are not permitted in the show. Artists working in digital media, printmaking and photography are permitted to include limited reproductions of their own images. If you are unsure if your work follows these guidelines please contact info@keep6.ca.

Q: Can I share my booth?

A: Artists are not permitted to share booths.

Q: Can we apply as a collective?

A: Due to the limited number of spaces available only individual artists will be accepted to participate.

Q: When does the KMAF take place, what are the dates?

A: The KMAF will take place on the last Sunday of each month from May though October. The KMAF will coincide with Kensington Market’s Pedestrian Sundays, which will ensure a large audience. The 2018 dates include May 27, June 24, July 29, August 26, September 30, and October 28

Q: What are Pedestrian Sundays?

A: Pedestrian Sunday enters its 15th year in 2018. Every year thousands of people from all social, cultural and financial backgrounds attend during the last Sunday of every month from May to October. It is estimated that 15-20,000 attend every Sunday and growing every year.

PSK brings together many talented artists and musicians performing both in outdoor and indoor venues.

Q: Where will the KMAF take place?

A: KMAF will take place in the heart of Kensington Market. Tents will fill up lower Augusta Avenue and the parking lot of “Wheels for Rent” at 77 Nassau Street.

Q: What is Kensington Market?

A: Kensington Market has long been the home of many artists of all disciplines – musicians, writers, painters, photographers and more. It has also served as source of inspiration for prominent artists including Frank Gehry and urban historian Jane Jacob, who described it as one of the greatest places to live. The people of Kensington have also inspired the TV show King of Kensington and the Market has been the backdrop of several other TV programs, movies, and music videos. Kensington Market is home to several indoor galleries and is one of the greatest outdoor museums, featuring architecture, graffiti, busking, and fashion, hosting many lively events including The Festival of Lights and Pedestrian Sundays.

Q: Will there be parking available nearby?

A: Because of Pedestrian Sundays there will be limited parking in the area. However, there is a large Green P parking at Bellevue Ave and Nassau Street.

Q: Is there access to internet/Wi-Fi?

A: The KMAF and its organizers do not provide Wi-Fi or Internet access for any participants at the KMAF.

Q: Do I have access to electricity?

A: There will not be access to electricity and KMAF does not allow outdoor generators.

Q. When I arrive where do I unload my vehicle?

A. When you arrive, park as closely to the entrance to the KMAF as possible (this will be clearly marked). A KMAF organizer will be on-site to get you checked in and give you your booth information. There will be volunteers on site to help you carry your items to your booth (if needed), as vehicles are not permitted to drive into the KMAF space. Volunteers will not be available to help you with setting up your space.  Please remember that as per the artist contract, exhibitors: “will not hold volunteers liable or responsible for any damage they may cause. I understand that by asking for their help I am assuming all the responsibility for whatever damage may occur no matter how that damage occurs. A volunteer may refuse to help me for any reason.”

The same terms will apply for loading your vehicle at the end of the day.

Q: When do I set up and take down?

A: Each KMAF will follow the same schedule.

  • KMAF will set up tents from 8:00-9:30 am.
  • Artists will arrive at 9:30 am and have until 12:00 pm to set up.
  • Artists will start to take down booths at 7:00 pm and finish by 8:00 pm.
  • KMAF will take tents down.

Q: I know that part of my registration fee includes the use of a 10’x10’ tent, does it include anything else (ex: tables, chairs, displays, etc.)?

A:  The registration fee covers the use of a 10’ x 10’ white pop up tent. All other display materials, like chairs, tables, and displays, are to be provided by the exhibitor. This will allow each artist to use the space allotted in way that best suits their needs ensuring that their area is kept tidy, free from litter and safe. Exhibitors must also ensure all walkways, aisles and shared booth spaces around them are kept clear, free from litter and safe.

Q: What does the tent look like and what is the size?

A: The tents are 10x10x7 feet white pop up. Here is an image. KMAF staff will lead you to your assigned tent upon arrival.

Q: How do I hang my work?

A: Artists will provide their own walls regarding hanging. We suggest investing in wire grid walls as it is resistant to weather and allows art to be hung in many heights and positions. However you can use your own devises but it must not encroach the other tents. Here is a link to give you an idea.

Q. I have a custom display for my work. Can I use this in my tent?

A. You are welcome to use your own displays, however if this display is larger than the allotted space of 10’x10’, or it obstructs or interferes the visibility of other vendors space you may be asked to remove it. All display items must be properly secured.  There will be no refunds issued if you are asked to remove your display.

Q: Is the art for sale?

A: Yes. All artwork should be for sale. KMAF will not handle sales for you and does not take any commission of your sales. Payment options are left up to you weather you accept cash, cheque or online payment through your own devises. KMAF does not provide wifi.

Q: Are there any washroom facilities on site?

A: Unfortunately there are no washrooms on site, but there are a number of cafes and restaurants in the area, which may allow you to use their facilities.

Q: Will there be food available at the KMAF? 

A: Due to the limited amount of space, it is reserved for art vendors and our sponsors only. There are a number of quality cafes, bars and restaurants within walking distance of the KMAF.

Q: What happens if there is bad weather (i.e. rain, snow, hail, etc.)? 

A: The KMAF will continue rain or shine, there will be no refunds issued to artists that decide to withdraw due to bad weather.

Q: How do I prepare myself for the weather?

A: Check the weather a couple of days before. All artists should be prepared for hot sunny days, rainy day and a windy day. We will provide the adequate weights for the tents. The tent has a cover. You will need to bring plastic tarps, straps and whatever else you think will help protect your work. KMAF will not have any extra materials for you to borrow.

Q: Will there be security on site at the KMAF?

A: There will be a number of KMAF staff and volunteers on site but no official security. If issues should arise please speak with a KMAF official staff person to see if they can help. If the situation is serious please call 911. Please remember that KMAF is not responsible for the theft or damage to any artwork or personal belongings. Take precautions and keep your personal belongings and artwork safe to avoid any issues.

Q: How will you promote the KMAF? 

A: KMAF has already been tweeting about the event and also constantly updating its website and Facebook page. We have gained great attention already! We also ask that you share the event with your friends! KMAF will be printing 3000 pamphlets every 2 months featuring the artists participating. These will be distributed around the city prior to the exhibition dates. KMAF also provides additional printing material for the artists such as business cards and postcards. If you are interested we are offering a discount to KMAF artists. Please ask us about the rates.

Q: What can I do to promote the KMAF?

A: There are lots of great ways you can help us spread the word. If you haven’t already, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter so you can stay up to date on any news and updates. Share our page and invite your friends and family to join us on the dates you will be participating.

Q: Can I volunteer to help out at upcoming KMAFs?

A: Yes, of course! Volunteering is a great way to become better familiar with the KMAF and get a sense of what the Market and Pedestrian Sundays are all about. Artists are also welcome to volunteer on dates they are not participating to help out. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering please email info@keep6.ca.

Helpful tips and reminders 

Q. Do you have a list of things I should bring with me?

  • Your preferred method of payment: Whether you will accept cash, cheques or have an electronic swipe device, be prepared for the day’s sales. KMAF and its organizers will not process any payments for you or provide any artists with change for their sales.
  • Business Cards:  Many times art buyers like to browse and will make a purchase at a later date. Art fairs are the perfect place to network with potential buyers and other artists. Have some business cards, with your contact information available to give out. In addition to this you may want to collect other peoples information so you can send them updates about new work and upcoming shows you may have, a guestbook or some form of electronic collection may be helpful.
  • Weather proof yourself: You may have taken all the precautions to weather proof your tent but don’t forget about yourself.  As the KMAF will stretch across three seasons we will experience all types of weather. Be prepared for the day by checking the weather reports. In the hotter months you should always bring:
    • Sunscreen
    • A hat
    • Bottles of water and or electrolyte products
  • Snacks: There are lots of amazing places to eat in the Market but don’t forget to pack a few snacks to have in-between meals.
  • Entertainment: We hope the day is eventful for you but occasionally you may find some quieter times throughout the day. You can use this time to catch up on some reading, talk to your neighbours, etc.

Please remember:  The KMAF organizers want everyone at the art fair to have a wonderful time, and will ensure every measure is taken to make this happen. It is also important to remember that all artists are expected to be respectful and courteous of KMAF organizers; its staff and volunteers; attendees and other vendors. Aggressive, abusive or disrespectful behavior has no place at KMAF. Anyone found behaving aggressively, abusively, disruptively or disrespectfully towards anyone at KMAF will be required to leave the event without refund and will not be asked to return.

If you have any questions that are not on this list don’t hesitate to contact us at info@keep6.ca.

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