Aline Setton

My work is the translation of sensory information into a visual language. It reflects my desire to see the world beyond reason and to create a bridge between the realms of reality and imagination. Having an architecture background influences the way I perceive space and explains some of the references that infiltrate my work. In my abstract paintings, I like to blend analytic and expressive lines by structuring the pictorial space using perspective drawing techniques and interfering with a large brush or a palette knife. I am interested in the relationships that arrive from layering these supposedly contrasting treatments. The drips and scrapes stand against the rigid grid to reveal their similarities and express the somewhat seamless interconnection between difference and repetition. I intend to activate the viewer imaginatively by creating ambiguous settings that express more then one possible reading.

Exhibiting: July | August


Binta Bah

BB Tresors is a Toronto based handmade jewelry line created by designer Binta Bah. BB Tresors jewelry balances delicacy and edge using minimalist boho designs, natural gemstones and gold filled metals to create eye catching pieces that are adaptable to everyday wear.

Exhibiting: May | June | September


Blair Richard Martin

I am a painter and the job of a painter is to learn to paint. When I began, my first aspiration was to create abstract works, which for me, was more about forming specific strategies of applying paint than anything else. Soon however, I realized that I had an interest in painting landscapes; first as a way to improve my basic handling of image and materials and in order to develop a wider set of skills. The general themes of my work are very simple and follow the basic rule for creative endeavour: do what you know! I use my own photography – done largely on my phone and as the scenes are encountered – as a source for motifs and subject. This takes in landscapes and street scenes that are a part of my every day life. These are scenes mostly encountered in Toronto, and in the outlying areas and small towns around Peterborough. The other large part of my work has to do with memory. Again these take the form of streetscapes as I knew them in the 1970s and 80s and as are found in achival photography from the time.

Exhibiting: June | July


Camille Porthouse

I create art to highlight social issues like slut-shaming, gender stereotypes, and repression while showcasing them with a bright pop culture veil. Photography is my method of starting a conversation, promoting feminism, and creating an environment in which viewers don’t feel judged for a moment of their lives. Art gives me the freedom to explore the inner hardships of those around me, I find inspiration in social injustice and seek to bring it to light in a playful colourful, and tongue in cheek manor. My goal when working on a new collection is to promote a sense of playfulness and a desire for more freedom in my audience, I aim to to create a spark in the viewer, to remind them that life is theirs to live, and to find happiness in exactly who they are.

Exhibiting: July | September

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Caro Sanchez Artisan

Caro Sanchez Artisan is focused on creating a unique line of jewelry, bringing “The beauty of simplicity” to everyone, using just recycled metals and fair trade handpicked stones, so the customer can rest assured that the beautiful product that is wearing is made without hurting the planet and their communities. My mission is to create real beauty from the inside, to harmonize us with the world through unique pieces of jewelry art. My vision is to create a high demand for true craftsmanship with a real commitment to the environment, renewing and bringing the jewelry art to the 21st century through originality, dedication and respect for all living things. Fashion must be a statement of your true self and not a mere display of luxury.

Exhibiting: May | June | July | October


Charlotte Penabel

I find a lot of visual appeal in pop culture, glamour, vintage Hollywood, femininity and anything glittery – but I don’t think I could create a feminine or aesthetically pleasing digital collage without emulating a subtle undertone of suffering and self loathing to the celebrity crazed world we live in. I am fascinated, pained and enchanted by first world culture and the affects, power and persuasion images can have on us as a mass consumed society. For every collage I create, there is always a hint of sarcasm, humor and “rolling of the eyes” under the glitz and glam of the images and subjects I choose. My work is anything but minimal: It is busy, messy with quick and effortless cut and paste application, giving my work a grunge-like connotation. My collages are sold as prints, greeting cards, and jewelry and are also mounted onto thick panels and coated with resin.

Exhibiting: August | September


Carolynn Bloomer

I studied Fine Art and Ceramics at John Abbott College and Ontario College of Art (now OCADU), focusing on design and material techniques related particularly to ceramics. My work has included private and corporate commissions, is in the collection of Scotiabank and has been purchased by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. I have conducted workshops and classes (Ontario College of Art, Fusion Association for Clay and Glass, Nielson Park Creative Centre, Clay Design), and done projects in secondary and elementary schools in the Toronto area. One of my pieces is reproduced in the book Great Soup, Empty Bowls, produced by the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art. My porcelain domestic ware celebrates form and ritual. My mixed-media wallworks juxtapose objects with perceived beauty or value with everyday things against a porcelain table ”cloth” to impose a formality of sorts that alludes to possible narratives.

Exhibiting: August | September


David Burling

I am a Kingston based artist, jeweler, and metal worker focusing on chainmaille, wire weaving, and forged and fabricated jewellery. I work out of a small basement workshop in downtown Kingston and vend at various local craft fairs and art studios. I am a self taught artist and I have slowly expanded my skillset through research, practice, and an ever larger tool chest funded through the sale of my work. I have been making jewellery for 12 years now. I started with chainmaille and as my interests and skills grew I branched out to wire weaving, silver fabricated jewelry, and most recently forging using a home made anvil and heavy duty torch. I construct all my jewelry from ingots, wire, and sheet stock and I work primarily in stainless steel, bronze, nickel silver, Sterling silver, and titanium. These metals combine well in their natural colours and can be anodized or patinaed for additional brilliance and colour. Occasionally I will incorporate semi precious stones into my work and I prefer stones with striking natural textures or mineral patterns. This year is my first foray vending outside of the Kingston area and I hope to meet many artists and art lovers at Kensington Market this fall.

Exhibiting: September | October

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Eileen Shuchat

Eileen Tucker Shuchat creates functional art as The Paleo Potter.

I use clay to heal and to ease the pain of chronic illness. Pottery is my healing art.My style is similar to that of the original Paleolithic potters. I hand-build, use slabs and a free-form method. The process is slow, thoughtful and meditative. I focus on Spirit and feel my energy as it moves out of my hands and into the clay. When in the studio I become lost in creation and feel only joy and peace. For me, the clay is magical, transformative and healing. It’s life without boundaries and physical limitations.

I draw inspiration from my spiritual practices, and the majesty of the North Atlantic ocean. Simple tools, objects and stamps are used to form my work, and create textures and images. To learn more about my process and my healing journey please visit

Exhibiting: May | June | July | August

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Eszter Rosta

Through the use of various mediums, I examine the processes of materiality, abstraction, and identity, and I primarily focus on the spontaneous act of making as a bodily engagement of process. The body of work deals with direct concepts of identity, and the exploration of materiality through tools and actions that highlight abstract forms. Tensions between control and impetuosity, and order and disorder exist through conceptual approaches to the method. I desire to move out of simple, rigid conceptions and create a more nuanced, embodiment of the “method”, and what the method means to my personal narratives and practice. I seek to embody notions of process and conceptuality in my own practice, disassociating with traditional perceptions of the narrative/ message, and similarly challenging fundamental beliefs of what perhaps constitutes art. While iterating and thinking about these ideas, I aim to contextualize my own practice in my contemporary setting and subjectivity, and create meaning through repetition, experimentation, and bodily engagements of process.

Exhibiting: May | June

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eXavier Peterson

eXavier Peterson has a BFA from the OCADU and has been making things for as long as she can remember, and been a printmaker for over 20 years. Her limited edition original prints have been shown internationally, specifically in Japan, China, the USA and in Canada.

“Growing up on Vancouver Island I was surrounded by the beauty of nature, a basis for my work. My prints are portraits of animals from the area in which I grew up, from my back yard, and from pictures I have taken abroad. Relief printing is my favourite medium as each time my drawings turn into an image entirely its own. I try to capture the individuality of each animal I portray. I choose to print with black ink, adding a splash of colour to highlight the graphic lines I achieve when carving the image from sketch to block.”

Exhibiting: July | September

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Giuseppe Pascale

My inspiration stems from the subject matter I compose with. Urban centres with their architecture and grown forms have always fascinated me. A building is more than a typical shelter; it shapes our behaviour and interaction with the space it defines. We also infuse the city with our collective sense of self that creates different perspectives within space as time goes on. The process of leaving home with a camera in hand, not knowing where I will end up or what I will bear witness too, is a humbling and therapeutic experience. Documentary and photojournalistic works also enthral me. The mélange of text and imagery to help convey an emotion, situation or condition is key as I look to share and develop my experience within the medium.

Exhibiting: May | August | October

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Guy Parrotta

I have a very eclectic style. I strive to let my art go where it needs. What I want to achieve is not as important as what my ART wants to be. Often I incorporate branches into my works not only as the framing material and canvas stretcher, but as an actual part of the subject matter. This has allowed me a greater freedom to depart from the traditional rectangular or square format to more freeform designs.

Exhibiting: June | July | August


Julie Glick

Although much of my work could be considered functional pottery, my first intention is to create sculptures; works that happen to be inspired by functional forms. I work in porcelain, each piece is hand built and unique. The Stone Balloons are an ironic juxtaposition between message and medium. Mounted on steel rods and glazed in a manner that suggests the organic, they are meant to look heavy… not frivolous. OIL PAINTINGS/ Dogs: After I adopted my dog in 2005, I decided to paint a series of works based on neighbourhood canines. That exhibition was such a success that I thought ‘I would be happy just painting dogs…’ Well it seems that the universe heard me; my pet paintings have been in demand ever since. These oil paintings are whimsical and contemporary. They celebrate our indulgences as pet owners and all the wonderful characteristics that we attribute to our dogs.

Exhibiting: June | September

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Jennifer Leo

The motivation to create is an impulse. For me it comes from the connection between my visual, emotional and mental consciousness. I utilize the process of painting as an activity; as an expression, and reflection. My work explores relationships. Between people, places, individual identity, and the passions and impulses that moves between them. Viewing my work, as well as creating it, is a process of exploration. It is a fluid experience that, as in life, can be interrupted and always changing. By utilizing the language of abstraction, and holding ambiguous connections to the outside world, I can remain at a distance with the audience. The colours, materials, and images I include hold reference to a familiar experience. The relationships of these elements are manipulated to strike a tone in the viewer with which to relate. They remain ambiguous however, and at times absurd, allowing the search to continue and transform. By guiding the viewer without providing enough information for an objective conclusion, the work remains in transition. I emerge myself into these scenarios, an intimate experience where finding a balance between spontaneity and control, the calm and chaotic becomes part of my challenge.

Exhibiting: May | August

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Jimena Arechavala

These illustrations are tiny pieces of a bigger story about identity and roots, about things being hidden and things being revealed little by little, about finding ways to keep long distance connections with deeply loved and deeply missed worlds. They are the consequence of my own journey as a very nomadic person and as a Torontonian who was born in Mexico. These pieces are also hand made, labour intensive work. I love the intricate detail in old Aubrey Bearsdley and Harry Clark illustrations, and I find a lot of happiness spending hours on the repetitive small lines that are required to render a pattern or a texture with a bit of ink.

Exhibiting: July | August


Julie Van Der Laan

Fighting an incurable illness is taxing on my body, mind and soul. Painting gives me that mental and physical break needed from dealing with the symptoms of my broken body. And because I am feeling such joy and peace during those short breaks, my art is colourful and vibrant. I keep my painting abstract as I want the viewer to look at the intermixed, sometimes mismatched, colours and formulate their own image. This allows them to experience and enjoy their own joy and their own peace in that moment and all other moments to come.

Exhibiting: July | August


Joanne Vanin

Mixed Media Collage pieces are created with a specific technique that the artist developed using archival papers, light proof inks, text and illustrations inspired by life drawing sessions, travel, and life stories. All are arranged and adhered to a canvas support that can either be stretched or placed under glass. This method is the source for the later developed Angel Print Collage.

Exhibiting: May | June


Katerina Pravdivaia

Katerina Pravdivaia is a Toronto-based artist with a brightly burning inner fire for animal rights and conservation. After developing her core concepts at Mount Allison University in Canada and The University of Newcastle in Australia, she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction in 2013. Since then, Katerina has exhibited in more than 30 group shows, and 4 solo shows, being featured in online collections and magazines. In 2015, Katerina won the prestigious Murray Jacob Clerkson Award for her outstanding artist merit and proven contribution to the arts community. She continues to work in an array of mediums, focusing on uniting human and non-human animals as one. Her art not only celebrates the beautiful species that share our planet, but also aims to spread awareness of their alarming disappearance. Katerina donates 10% of her proceeds to Nature Canada, one of the top organizations for endangered species and habitat protection.

Exhibiting: June | July


Lydia London

Lydia London’s body of work is a collection of colourful fine liner and watercolour drawings turned into vivid digital prints. She originates from North Wales, UK and has been residing in Toronto since November 2016. She studied Fine Art at Newcastle University, UK graduating in Summer 2016. Lydia is interested in using fine liner pens to create her work as she can achieve a good level of detail in her patterned pieces as well as achieving a vibrancy from the ink. She has had an interest in patterns from a young age creating mandala like images from the age of 10. Much of her drawings are inspired by her love for wildlife, as well as trips to the beautiful countryside and forests of Ontario. She makes cards which often contain puns showcasing her love for bad jokes.

Exhibiting: July | August | September


Lisa Ng

Art is an exploration of my everyday experience as a human being. I enjoy developing connections with others, connections of a particular kind. I make safe spaces in which to explore the strange, the unusual and the fantastical. My art has also been described as a splash of wit, a sprinkle of social commentary, a dash of humour and a bucket of fun.

Exhibiting: October

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Madeleine Gross

Madeleine Gross is a Toronto-based artist who customizes her photographs with paint in a way designed to abstract landscapes but without completely abstracting reality. A graduate of the The Ontario College of Art and Design where she gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, Madeleine intuitively applies gesture, texture, colour and strokes with paint with the idea of emulating an immersive reality for viewers and in turn induce the sensation of actually being there just by looking. The inspiration she finds in nature and the effortlessly entertaining pastime of people watching can be felt in her images; with textural colour layers and a realistic movement her images embody the rippled water from a jet ski, ocean waves, the fresh beach breeze. Positive connotations are at the heart of her work, with each of the photographs taken on her trips to settings found within Paris, Miami, Joshua Tree, Los Angeles and New York to Aspen and the Bahamas, all enhanced by a warm and bright colour palette applied through a few happy strokes of a brush.

Exhibiting: June | August

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Nick Zgraja

I am an adventurer. I am a photographer. I guess you could say one necessitates the other. My camera has taken me across oceans, up mountains, down rivers and through forests. I’ve been photographing my travels for over six years, and during this time I’ve learnt: time is best spent chasing sunrises and sunsets; nature is best explored away from the crowd; our wilderness is meant to be admired, and photographs are meant to be printed, and viewed and shared and cherished and lived and relived. My photos are created to inspire the adventurer in all of us.

Exhibiting: June | July | September

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Oksana Breda

Oksana Berda crosses paths with those also pursuing something intangible: the softness of her colour palette recalls that of Agnes Martin; her precise use of geometry, Frank Stella; from David Burdeny she inherits a sense of curiousity towards the natural world and shares Andy Goldsworthy’s affection for its textures. Her recent work studies interactions between stone, sand, water and wood. Gathering details from each landscape, she reassembles them as ghostly washes of blue, red and purple watercolour, braids of graphing pencil, and soft pastel lines which contain the forms that might otherwise stretch out and over the edge of the paper. Berda treats colour as character; in her work forms interact and converse: they are introduced, they marry and separate. The landscapes are actively constructed and de-constructed within the process and by the viewer. The mediums move with precision, yet are free and spontaneous; painting on the threshold of abstraction, Berda’s compositions embody the spirit of jazz music.

Exhibiting: June | July

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Robert Johnson

My work is a record of my life— told through the stories of travel, love, and my experiences in the environment that surrounds me daily. Characteristic touchstones of the neighborhood, historic buildings, and emotionally significant settings trigger my inspiration; by capturing them with paint on canvas, I can preserve and continue that relationship as I share it with others. Layers of oil offer me the freedom to control my process, as I adjust the colors and values in a piece. Because I tend to work on location, in front of my subject, I can take in all senses of the atmosphere; including the tonal changes as the sun passes overhead throughout the day. The living breathing world around me affects my own interpretation, in hand representing itself in my painting. This is my personal creative journey, on canvas.

Exhibiting: May | June | July | August | October

Website | Facebook

Ryan O’Connor

The inspiration for my art comes from many things – my deepest thoughts, an interesting memory from my travels, or the curves of human figure. I may start a work with only the faintest glimmer of an idea or with the entire work completed in my mind. Sometimes just the mundane task of prepping the canvas or taping the paper to the wall will stimulate a flow of feelings that must be hung for all to see, giving glance through the window to my soul. My art is an extension of my body and soul. Using my hands to apply paint, smudge charcoal or configure a sculpture allows a physical connection to the work that I find exhilarating. By letting the thoughts flow organically from my mind, through my body and into the work – I take the chaos of my own dismal thoughts and turn them into meaning and beauty.

Exhibiting: May | June | August | September | October


Sara Mali Jewellery

Adorn yourself. Inspired by ethnic jewellery, traditional costuming and adornment from around the world, Sara Mali jewellery reflects artist Samantha Burnstein’s years of cultural studies, ethnic dance and travels. Drawing from universal motifs and textures from Africa, the Middle East and the Americas, Sara Mali creates timeless original designs that tell a story and transport the wearer. Based in Montreal, Sara Mali jewellery is made using age-old traditional silversmithing techniques and incorporates semi-precious stones.

Exhibiting: July | September

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Simone Guimaraes

My passion for animals, human rights causes and the protection of our beautiful planet, has led me to develop an ongoing series entitled [art+save]=life. Through art I want to be an asset to this world and this is my equation to achieve that goal. For every limited edition giclée print sold, ten per cent is donated to organizations that are actively supporting these causes. We become “partners-in-art”— supporting our planet and its interconnected ecosystem. Digitally enhancing original pencil on paper drawings, I blur the lines between technology and craft. Taking what’s on paper into the digital sphere and then back into paper, I want to intrigue the viewer as to what is done by hand and what has been digitally manipulated.

Exhibiting: July | August

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Steve and Lori Cranson – Dalo Jewels

Our jewellery is affordable handcrafted wearable art with innovative designs that invite compliments. We take pride in sourcing natural stones that complement the latest fashion colours and styles. Our jewellery can be worn with jeans, sportswear, a suit, a cocktail dress, evening wear, and even to a formal wedding. Wearing our jewellery will make you feel fashionable and confident, and, at the same time, express your individuality. Our jewellery, simply, invites compliments. We specialize in custom designing and creating handcrafted jewellery using semi-precious gems, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, pewter, leather, water buffalo horn, fine silver (99.9% silver) and sterling silver (95.2% silver). Wearable art.

Exhibiting: July | August | September


Trevor Miller

Trevor Miller reworks once forgotten art rescued from thrift stores and bland homes with images from popular culture from the 80s and 90s. An alumnus of the Illustration program at Sheridan College, Trevor has spent most of his working life as a graphic designer at various newspapers around the GTA. He has since delved back into the non-computer art world, once again getting his hands, and workspace dirty with all kinds of paint that rarely comes out of clothing.

Exhibiting: July


Tony Taylor

This collection of work is a reflection on politicians, leadership debates, the Royal family and G summit series and how they undermine democracy often leading to violently disrupting and infringing on the civilians and cities in which they are hosted. These well-publicized events highlight an opportunity for world leaders and corporations to bump elbows, share anecdotes and discuss economic philosophy, disregarding any opportunity for public participation or representation. For me these events resemble a gathering of the animal powerhouse’s from the financial and political jungles where only the wealthy survive. I have chosen to replace the faces of these leaders and corporate representatives with those of animals that I feel reflect a truer sense of their character.

Exhibiting: May | June | July | August

Website | Instagram

Vanessa Michiels

Vanessa Michiels is a purveyor of the odd and beautiful. She aims to portray the individuality of women incorporated with sci fi elements all in a mixture of media and styles. She is inspired by the vintage pinup portraits of beauty queens and pop art colour choices.

Exhibiting: May | June | July | August


Hydrah Rodriguez Vizzacarro and Chinmay Bhatt

Chinmay Bhatt, my partner, and I, Hydrah Rodriguez-Vizzaccaro, have suscessfully completed the first year of the two year Creative Photography program at Humber College. We created these peices using various historical darkroom processes with great time and effort. These processes include the salted print technique, cyanotype technique, and more commonly known, silver gelatin technique. Each piece is a one of a kind print that cannot be recreated. We have taken the photos, edited them, made the print, matted and framed each peice ourselves. This is the first art show we have ever participated in and we are very grateful and hopeful that it will be a successful experience for the both of us.

Exhibiting: May | September

Danesh Mohiudin

Danesh Mohiuddin is a Canadian/Iindian cartoonist who has just moved back to Toronto after spending 4 years in Spain. He works mostly in brush and India Ink and sometimes completes the process digitally. He creates humorous illustrations based on history, society, politics and popular culture. He has been travelling the world and making a living through cartooning now for the last ten years. He has worked in France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, UAE, India and of course in Canada. His work is injected with humour and a touch of social commentary.

Exhibiting: May | June | July | August

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Veronique Audette

SPIRIT OF VERA crafts and sells hand made artisanal silver jewellery using only sustainable sterling silver. All pieces come with a lifetime warranty.

Exhibiting: May | June


Eileen Shuchat

I use clay to heal and to ease the pain of chronic illness. Pottery is my healing art. My style is similar to that of the original Paleolithic potters. I hand-build, use slabs and a free-form method. The process is slow, thoughtful and meditative. I focus on Spirit and feel my energy as it moves out of my hands and into the clay. When in the studio I become lost in creation and feel only joy and peace. For me, the clay is magical, transformative and healing. It’s life without boundaries and physical limitations. I draw inspiration from my spiritual practices, and the majesty of the North Atlantic ocean. Simple tools, objects and stamps are used to form my work, and create textures and images. To learn more about my process and my healing journey please visit

Exhibiting: May | June | July | August


Brooke Comier

My work has not yet bound itself to one niche. I’m inspired by nature and the human & animal form, primarily working realistically in acrylic and oil.

Exhibiting: June | September

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