“I Live in the City” line available online

Keep6 has recently launched a new project, I Live In The City, which we are all very excited about.

With our cities getting more and more crowded. The cost of living in the city has sky rocketed! Landlords are constantly refusing apartments to families and developers are producing smaller and less family units. Schools are closing and daycare costs are out of control. If you were born, raised or living in the city you share in this struggle. In this crowded mess we find each other in multicultural events, in the halls of museums or celebrating in many of the parks. We live in the city as a community. Feeling proud!

All products produced for the project from onesies to art prints are now availabel for purchase in our online shop. Some of the pieces can also be found at Small Goods Kids shop at 392 College St W, Toronto.

Follow the story and post yours using the hashtag #iliveinthecity



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