It’s almost that time of year! A time of holiday celebrations and finding the perfect gift! Kensington Market Craft Fair is new craft fair experience at the St. Stephen-In-The-Fields Church taking place on November 25th and December 2nd, 2017. KMCF is a curated indoor art & craft fair focusing unique products including hand-crafted ceramics, jewelry, furniture, painting, drawing, print, sculpture, and photography, clothing and accessories.

Exhibition dates: Saturday November 25, 12-6pm Saturday December 2, 12-6pm

Location: St. Stephen-In-The-Fields Church 103 Bellevue Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2N8


Our dear neighbour Stuart MaClean of the Vinyl Cafe passed away this February and we miss him dearly. Stuart lived in his beloved Kensington Market neighbourhood and stopped to chat to many of the locals as well as visitors. We will be reading some of his well-known Christmas Stories from his book, such as “Dave Cooks the Turkey” And in tradition of Vinyl Cafe, we will have local musician performing Christmas songs. We encourage your participation!!

Location: Vinyl Café Readings start: 1pm and 4pm
We welcome everyone to attend this free event.




Zoe Crowston

Chipkey Creations creates crocheted home decor items and cacti you can’t kill. Made with high quality and locally sourced materials to add flair to your home or office.

Website | Instagram 

Aidan Muller

After studying engineering for four year he never imagined himself entering the art world but after applying for architecture school Aidan discovered an affinity with buildings and cityscapes. Completely self-taught, his technical background can be seen in the attention to detail in an effort to invoke a sense of place.


Amara Strand

Amara Strand is an artist based in Toronto. After more than 6 years practicing as an Interior designer, she fell in love with watercolour. Watercolour, ink and graphite are used to create her colourful signature artwork inspired by the beauty of urban life, architecture and nature. Building on her passion for art, Amara has started her own brand, Amara Strand Studio. Her studio focuses on original paintings, stationery design and accessories that include her unique watercolour paintings.


Ami Moore

I’m an illustrator and designer based in toronto, creating books, handmade pins and art prints. Art focuses on cats and cute foods. Books are the “Cativity Book”, a book of cat-themed activities (including papercraft cats) and other original light-hearted comics. Pins are hand-sculpted, or double-layered hand-drawn pins.

Website | Instagram


Jimena Arechavala

Originally from Mexico, I am now based in Toronto. I graduated from Seneca College’s Independent Illustration Program. I create labour intensive illustrations filled with tiny detail that often revolve around my own story as an immigrant; finding ways to keep long distance connections with deeply loved and deeply missed worlds.


Bee Fawn

Pins, patches and accessories, illustrated and printed by bee fawn, with themes around being cute and queer!


Brenda Reid

Hi, Celsius Project is handmade ceramics company focused on exploring the potential of clay. Products include: contemporary ceramic jewelry, ceramic roses/bouquets, and vessels. You haven’t seen work like this!


Yvonne Villeneuve

Torched Studio is a Toronto artist specializing in vibrantly coloured enamel jewellery, art and bowls. Her simple, minimalist designs are timeless and perfect for any occasion.

Website | Instagram

Caro Sanchez

Living in Canada for the past 11 years, Caro Sanchez has found in Toronto the ideal place to inspire herself as a jewelry maker.Caro Sanchez has worked as an artisan all her life, making clothes and accessories mixing different fabrics, materials and colors which made her curious about applying these techniques to metals and stones, It was then when She discovered her passion for jewelry making and design. By trying different approaches and combinations She found herself experimenting with wire wrapping, hammering and soldering, in this way Caro Sanchez has created a unique style that focus in the beauty of simplicity, elegance and delicacy of her hand made pieces.

Etsy | Instagram

Casey Hinton

My jewellery comes together like sculptures – playing with found objects until they come to life. I have always worked in the arts, but I have only recently found jewellery as an outlet for my creativity, and can’t wait to share it!

Website | EtsyInstagram

Chason Yeboah

Chason Yeboah, is a Toronto born artist, with a passion for crochet and other textile arts. She has been crocheting for almost 6 years, but didn’t discover a passion for doll-making until three years ago when she created her first anatomically correct stuffed figure. Now she creates nude crocheted dolls for the people of Toronto who are the everyday inspiration for her work. She is also co-creator of a crochet project named Acts of Kindness, that was created in an effort to spread love through crochet throughout the city of Toronto. Now Acts of Kindness gathers with groups to facilitate workshops that teach crochet as a means of mindfulness, self reflection, and a way to stay crafty and self-dependent!


Chelsea Jamieson

PRIESTESS by Chelsea Jamieson is a Toronto based fine jewelry line embracing the shadows. Each piece is handcrafted using the ancient art of lost wax, balancing light & dark to create terrestrial talismans for wild mystics, supernatural sisters & dark beauties.

Website | Instagram

Mary Cowan

I marry the modern technique of laser cutting with the time-tested art form of stitching in my shop, Canadian Stitchery. My holiday line includes ornaments, greeting cards, keychains, gift tags and much more.

Etsy | Instagram

Jennifer Malika

Our work is handcrafted here in Toronto, some of it was inspired from parts of Africa and from my husbands home country of Morocco. We also have products from Morocco that have been handcrafted from my husbands family and the local Berbers. We wanted to share with everyone the unique, traditional and cultural pieces from here and abroad. We recently starts created unique planters using items that we find at antique shops. They have been a great addition to the procedures we offer.


Dawna Loucks

Horticultural Therapist promoting ‘green play’ through teaching, planting and selling unique, free flowing garden flowers, terrariums and air plants in the ultimate exploration of ones’ green artisinal roots. Seasonal business owner/operator for past 8 years in Prince Edward County enjoying the splendour of loving customers with the freedom to facilitate numerous workshops centered around plants.

Website | Instagram

Yolanda Pang

Poetic Designs is the creative work of self-taught jewellery designer, Yolanda Pang. Yolanda turned her love for world travels, arts and history into timeless vintage inspired fashion pieces by combining and upcycling old and new vintage elements. With her past experience in merchandising and fashion, she is able to balance the aesthetic and the making of vintage inspired jewellery with a modern twist. Her work is sold at local art and craft shows and on her website Poetic-Designs.com and on also Etsy.


Eileen Shuchat

Eileen Tucker Shuchat creates functional art as The Paleo Potter. I use clay to heal and to ease the pain of chronic illness. Pottery is my healing art. My style is similar to that of the original Paleolithic potters. I hand-build, use slabs and a free-form method. The process is slow, thoughtful and meditative. I focus on Spirit and feel my energy as it moves out of my hands and into the clay. When in the studio I become lost in creation and feel only joy and peace. For me, the clay is magical, transformative and healing. It’s life without boundaries and physical limitations. I draw inspiration from my spiritual practices, and the majesty of the North Atlantic ocean. Simple tools, objects, lace and stamps are used to form my work, and create textures and images. To learn more about my process and my healing journey please visit www.thepaleopotter.com.

Website | Instagram

Ellen Lai

I handmade the products using natural ingredients. Each product is one of a kind. I have been a vendor at this lovely church and my customers love my products. I also have a shop at Etsy Canada.


Emmie Tsumura

I’m a 2 ½ gen Japanese-Canadian based in Toronto. My work attempts to locate Japanese arts and craft traditions that were lost during WWII by re-imagining the possibilities for Edo Chiyogami paper patterns in the context of Toronto. It is a badge of honour to work in the market. I hope to have the opportunity to share my work alongside all the amazing and colourful people who make Kensington the best neighbourhood in Toronto.

Website | Instagram

Gavin Canning

Born and raised in rural Newfoundland, I studied art at Concordia university in Montreal. I began my business upon my moving back to Canada after several years in South Korea.

Etsy | Instagram

Gracie Klutz

Think of yourself as a gift and put a bow on it! That’s our motto here at Klutz Mega Korp. Our signature PinUps by Gracie celebrated 5 years in 2017! We accessorize the off-beat, accentuating confidence and encouraging self-love.

Website | Instagram

Hartley Fanson

Hi! I’m just looking to share a table with Sheel Radia (leathercraft) – I am currently trying to get involved in create prints of my work to sell in order to get some more exposure to my works.


Iris Lee

I like to make something new from something old. Some of my jewellery are made from vintage salvaged materials, others are made with leather, metal, wire, raw crystals and semi-precious stones. Inspiration of my work comes from space, fantasy and sub-cultures.

Website | Instagram

Jennifer Rong

Jennifer Rong Designs specializes in one of a kind, upcycled pieces including housewares, jewellery and men’s accessories made primarily from locally salvaged wood, with an emphasis on aesthetics, function and sustainable production. Custom orders welcome.

Website | Instagram

Jennifer Smerek

ReVintageTO is all about vintage with a modern twist. I offer hand poured organic soy candles in vintage teacups and mason jars. As well as reclaimed tile coasters featuring vintage imagery. Each one is finished off with resin to ensure they are heat and water proof.


Juliana Lachance

I am a full time artist/ artisan specializing in original acrylic paintings, lino prints, sill screened t shirts, dream catchers, Ukrainian Pysanky, aromatherapy perfumes, and crystal necklaces.


Krista White

I transfer photography onto wood blocks, repurposed wood coasters, repurposed wood image transfer & hooks, keychains, and traditional prints. Most images are of iconic Toronto.


Lexi Colt

Charlie Girl Gems is a Toronto based Etsy shop with a focus on handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, raw gemstone jewelry – targeted towards the “Modern Bohemian”. We create our pieces in small batches (never more than 5 of the same piece) to really emphasize how unique and rare our jewelry is, allowing our customers to feel as though the piece was made JUST for them.

Etsy | Instagram

Valerie Lamiel

Valerie Lamiel is a designer and goldsmith hand-fabricating and casting in sterling silver, working with precious gemstones and alternative materials to create statement quality jewellery. All works are hand-finished with careful attention to decorative details in enamelling and gem-setting to create one-of-a-kind or limited run pieces.

Website | Instagram

Luisa Ferrall

We are a small business that makes hand crafted Bees wax candles, and art cards.


Mara Struhanyk

My goal is to make quality, affordable, handmade jewelry with options for sensitive skin. I use real stones, doing wire wrap, beading and much more. My crafts include jewelry boxes, felt cacti and more. I’d love to be part of your great community event. Thank you!

Etsy | Instagram

Maria Drazilov

Maria Drazilov is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work often centres around photography. She likes to incorporate the elements of painting and drawing with pixels, highlighting textures and abstraction within the photographic image. Maria also makes photo-jewelry and believes that art should be wearable and accessible to everyone. A graduate of OCAD and Concordia University, Maria lives and works in Toronto.


Trevor Miller

Trevor Miller reworks once forgotten art rescued from thrift stores and bland homes with images from popular culture from the 80s and 90s. An alumnus of the Illustration program at Sheridan College, Trevor has spent most of his working life as a graphic designer at various newspapers around the GTA. He has since delved back into the non-computer art world, once again getting his hands, and workspace dirty with all kinds of paint that rarely comes out of clothing.


Michelle Tourikian

Michelle Tourikian earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University in 2011 majoring in Drawing and Painting. Post-graduation she gained valuable experience and insight as a participant in OCAD University’s 2012 Florence program. Her paintings explore our connection with the cosmos, spirituality, history, nature and the divine.

Website | Instagram

Stevie Driscoll

Sweet and sassy hand-lettering and watercolour art.

Website | Instagram

Morgan Wolfe Grant

Morgan started studying painting and drawing as a child, but took some time off to focus on music. She slowly returned to the visual arts in 2000, studying at several small art schools in Toronto, and then proceeding in a self-taught but disciplined manner. She has dabbled in acrylic, oil, encaustic, and photography, but has most recently been focusing on watercolour.

Website | Instagram

Stacy Stranzl

Intrigued by movement and the female form, Stacy’s illustrations focus on graphic lines and negative space. While her paintings are awash with neon colours, spray paint and texture. She is also inspired by nature and is currently working on her next series that focuses on the animal as subject matter.

Website | Instagram

Natalie Garcia

Go ahead, touch my LADYWOOD, here to satisfy all your wooden urges. From airplant and succulent planters to beerflights and geometric shelves.


Natalie Very B

Natalie Very B. is a Polish-Canadian feminist illustrator. She works full time as an artist and tries to evoke positive action towards change through art. Her artwork reveals many Slavic folklore influences, while myths and legends are a constant source of inspiration whenever she creates a new body of work.

Website | Instagram

Sonia Kang

Handmade jewelry and crochet botany.

Website | Instagram

Nezhla Yakub

We’re YABA Home & Decor, based in Toronto, Ontario. We specialize in creating handmade plant gear products and home decor. We specifically created stained glass decor such as air plant holders and terrariums, concrete planters/air plant holders, and Himmeli air planter holders. As we utilize and experiment with different materials to deliver exceptional home décor locally, we put our heart and hands into every piece therefore making each item unique to its owner.

Etsy | Instagram

Ngoc Nguyen

Serial plant killer turned proud plant mom. Makes plant inspired accessories and decor.

Website | Instagram

Olivia Parsonson

Impulsively Creative offers handmade greeting cards for all sorts of occasions. Designs are fashioned with washi tapes, stamps, embossing powder and other paper embellishments. Other products include bookmarks, postcards, and gift tags.

Website | Instagram

Paige Reynolds

Frills & Morbidity is a jewelry line created by Toronto visual artist Paige Reynolds. She creates high quality, original, handmade sterling silver jewelry, enamel pins, embroidery & cross-stitches with a macabre flair.

Etsy | Instagram 

Quinn Rockliff

Quinn Rockliff is a self-taught emerging Toronto artist who explores sexuality and female empowerment through her painting and drawing practice. Quinn begin illustrating in 2013 as a means to negotiate her relationship to her body in this world. Her recent work involves painting moments of self-love captured by women’s nude photos as well as a larger body of work aimed at sexual trauma education. Quinn works in watercolour and ink as well as digital media. She will be starting her MFA in September at OCAD in Digital Futures.

Website | Instagram 

Rebecca Oteng

We sell bold.unique .African Accessories that are ethically sourced from local designers and artisans to empower and positively impact local African Communities. This includes, bags, jewelry and footwear


Rick Gomes

My post-retirement hobby/ creative outlet, born as a result of becoming my mother’s full time caregiver. Handmade, repurposed, upcycled Birdhouses…fully functional and ready for our nesting song birds.

Samia Mirza

HeartBeats T.O. is a clothing line designed to symbolize how Toronto is forever embedded in your heart. Wherever you go, your HeartBeats T.O. What started as two t-shirts printed by two sisters on Queen St. turned into a business, now popping up at notable shops across Toronto. The HBTO team are born and raised in Toronto and created the design to not only show love for the city but also to help promote local businesses as the entire collection is printed locally. Products include t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops and merchandise. Show the world where your heart beats. Join the movement! My HeartBeats T.O. … Does Yours?

Website | Instagram

Sara Mcintyre

A Toronto local soy candle maker, who loves to vend at markets and create new and exciting scents and shapes of candles

Website | Instagram

Sheel Radia

My name is Sheel Radia and I am the Owner/Designer/Maker of Hathi Leather Company. Everything is handmade from start to finish, without use of any machines.

Etsy | Instagram

Shelby McLeod

Shelby McLeod is a Toronto based Illustrator and Screenprinter. Creating one of a kind prints that center around theme’s of Women, Cats, Toronto life and the color pink.

Website | Instagram



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