City BLOCKS Culture Collective (CBCC) explores and celebrates not only the architecture of many neighbourhoods throughout great cities but also showcase how these historical buildings have evolved and become a part of the cultural landscape there as well. CBCC looks at the communities of urban neighbourhoods and how groups have helped to shape the landscapes around them.

BLOCKS adventures are inclusive and can be enjoyed by everyone from 5 to 105; each experience is designed to be fun, educational and interactive. We strive to inspire people to explore these neighborhoods on the ground level, to get out and discover by bike, public transit and on foot. By eliminating personal vehicles it ensures that participants have a total sensory experience; becoming familiar with the sights, sounds, smells and textures of a neighbourhoods to develop a true appreciation of a place.

While we often have prizes at our one day BLOCKS events they are not a race or a game but tool for exploration that can be used long after the event ends. Ultimately, BLOCKS is a celebration of community, art and history.


Originally designed and produced by Keep 6 Exhibits, the success of BLOCKS has given way to the creation of City BLOCKS Culture Collective (CBCC). CBCC is organized and produced by Rafi Ghanaghounian and a creative team of individuals.


As a collective, CBCC has a team of artists, art administrators and cultural producers that contribute to the delivery of BLOCKS.  We rely on a number of individuals to help in the production of each BLOCKS adventure, and the team often changes based on the design and needs of each event.

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